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Iraq To Extend Kirkuk Oilfields Output To Produce Refineries
Iraq To Extend Kirkuk Oilfields Output To Produce Refineries
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BAGHDAD, March 14 (Reuters) - Iraq's state-run North Oil Firm (NOC) has begun testing operations at its Avana and Bai Hassan oilfields in Kirkuk to increase crude supply for domestic refineries, Iraqi officials mentioned on Wednesday. Operations at the Avana and Bai Hassan fields have been halted since October, when Iraqi forces took them back after they'd been underneath Kurdish management since 2014. Oil exports from Kirkuk fields have been suspended amid an ongoing dispute between Baghdad. The Kurdish Regional Authorities (KRG) over using the Ceyhan export pipeline to Turkey. Iraqi oil officials mentioned there have been no plans to resume crude move by way of the Kurdish-owned pipeline, as no settlement had been reached but. The Kurdish region operates a pipeline that connects to the twin Kirkuk-Ceyhan pipeline at Khabur on the border with Turkey. Iraq began late final year to divert output from Kirkuk oilfields to local refineries to spice up gas production. 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