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Best Training Manual for ESA Dog Owners – 2021
Training an ESA dog for a new dog owner could be a difficult task whether it is house training, emotional support training, or crate training but it is not something unachievable. Being consistent with training sessions and the right mindset, you'll be able to teach your dog important stuff just within days. Not just that, it is the training time when dogs start building a relationship with their human companion. So, they needed to be given extra care and do you qualify for an emotional support animal learn below.
Why is Training Important?
Training of an ESA dog is important for multiple reasons. First of all, it builds trust among the dog and dog owner. It is in the nature of dogs to feel affectionate towards their owner whenever they learn some new command or trick.
Secondly, it is important to keep dogs under desirable behavior. You may have gotten an ESA letter for housing your dog but if your dog misbehaves in a neighborhood that already does not allow pets, you might have to bear some serious consequences to show them benefits of esa. So, keeping your dog’s behavior in check is important and that is achieved through training.
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Obedience Training of your ESA Dog
Before starting any sort of training, make sure you have enough treats to reward your dogs every time they follow a command. Also, carry either your ESA dog’s mat or bed in your hand when training them.
 Below are some of the most important commands that you need to teach your dog.
Toilet Training

        In Emotional Support Animal Resource The first step for your dogs to learn not to excrete everywhere in the house is by creating a routine. Feed them and take them to the bathroom. That’s the routine that needs to be set. Take them outside and track their schedule and then follow it regularly.
        Take your dog to the same place every day. Do not change places if you want them to learn quickly.
        And as I said before, rewarding them with treats is the key. Reward them each time they take their business outside the house.

Sit Command
It is the easiest command to teach your dog and also the most important one in the HUD laws. To start the training, keep your dog in a standing position. Now bring a treat about at the same level of his nose and gradually start moving it down. When your dog is bending down, say the word "sit" and when he finally sits then. Say him praising words like "good" and reward him with a treat.
Once your dog learns this command then to signal him to sit down you do not always have to use this trick. You can simply use a dog whistle to signal him a command and he will certainly follow. But be extra careful with these whistles as they might hurt your dog’s ear.
Down Command
While Flying with an Emotional Support Animal This is the most important command to teach your dog if you want him to accompany you on airline travels. Even if you have an ESA letter, it does not permit your dog to go rampant inside the plane. He needs to be well behaved and kept in this position.
It usually is a difficult posture to teach your dogs as some of the dog breeds are not so submissive.
Start by placing a treat closer to your dog’s nose and lower it down. When the dog drops his head in submission, reward and praises him. When the dog fully reaches the down position, signal him with a flat palm that is lowering towards the ground.
This command will need a little training but your ESA dog will eventually learn.
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