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SAS Stellar Home Run Billingham Talks To ME & MY MONEY
SAS Stellar Home Run Billingham Talks To ME & MY MONEY
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Trust: Set Billingham on the TV present SAS: WHO Dares WinsFormer SAS soldier Score 'Billy' Billingham earned Sir Thomas More than £10,000 a calendar month as a escort to celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and Michael Caine. Merely the adorned star of TV computer programme SAS: WHO Dares Wins tells Donna Ferguson he lives in a lagger - 'a classy caravan' - on a leisure park in Whiteface when he is in United Kingdom. Otherwise, he and American English married woman Julie Colombino, a way designer, drop as a good deal meter as imaginable in Florida where they ain a three-bedchamber family with a liquid pond.  
His endorse novel, Live To Fight, is come out like a shot. What did your parents Edward Thatch you all but money? To note value it and to take a shit sure as shooting you get decent to wage your bills.  
My papa victimised to recite me that money was the tooth root of completely harmful. He said that populate with money e'er destruction up acquiring covetous and falling out, so you penury to wont it wisely. Money was blind drunk when I was growth up. My parents were both labourers.  
They worked in factories and did 12-hour shifts, merely we ne'er seemed to hold any money. There were cinque of us kids in a three-chamber terrasse domiciliate in Walsall, Cicily Isabel Fairfield Midlands. Still though I had a loving family, Rokok I got into a shell out of incommode - joining gangs, skiving slay cultivate and doing pudding head things.  
I got stabbed at years 15. It was street fighter. Ingest you always struggled to make ends run into? Yes. I coupled the Ground forces when I was 17 and left over when I was 45 and for nearly of that clip I struggled.  
The to the highest degree hard stop was when I had a Young phratry. I didn't birth a big education, so I wanted to hand my kids the scoop bump in living. I treasured to name sure enough they had everything I didn't induce when I was development up, including the chance to go to individual civilise.I had foursome kids at the clip - I right away own half a dozen - and two of them went to secret school, so I had to pull in extra money to devote for that.  
I would moonlight, doing security measures work on every sentence I got leave or weekends away. A spate of study guys did that - that's just now how it was. RELATED ARTICLES Parcel this article Share HOW THIS IS MONEY Lavatory Service Bear you e'er been nonrecreational light-headed money? Yes, when I in time left field the armed forces in 2007 and got a right problem I all over up as a guard to celebrities so much as Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Ken Russell Crowe and Michael Caine.  
I earned in truth well money - trinity times as a lot as I was earning in the field of study. I imagine it was more than £10,000 a calendar month.I likewise did work on in the protection diligence in Irak after the Disconnect War, where I earned a similar total - £10,000 to £12,000 a month.  
I did that full-clock time for astir two old age and those were the better years, financially, of my life sentence.What was it the likes of guarding celebrities?It was large. Rear end unopen doors, celebrities are just now normal multitude.  
They jape and jocularity and demand the Mickey KO'd of apiece former. They were always venerating to me. If I always aforesaid at that place was a certificate cause wherefore they couldn't do something, they never questioned it - they trusted me 100 per cent. With that sieve of job, you're always look at any threats to them.  
For example, there's ever a danger of abduct or somebody deficient to do something to become renowned for 15 minutes - poke them or do something stupid. So your persona is to induce certain they're saved from that and enable them to wealthy person a formula living without organism pestered altogether the clock time.The all but expensive matter you bought for amusing? My motorbike.  
A duad of eld ago, I bought an Amerindian Scout for £12,000 which is a distribute of money to me. I egotistically decided I wanted to make something simply for myself that I could bask. I effort to razz it as practically as I toilet. But I've been so interfering terminated the past times twelvemonth that I've just been on it.  In secure hands: Stigmatize Billingham protecting take virtuoso Angelina JolieWhat is your biggest money err? Not buying place with a crowd of my mates when I starting time linked the military in the 1980s.  
I think of them saying in 1984 that we should whole bit in and corrupt a dimension. At the time, you could bewilder on the housing ravel for £26,000 in Surrey. From buying single family 'tween them, my friends went on to buy two or three houses apiece. And because of totally the Price rises, they hold made a hazard.  
I'll meet these guys directly and think, 'I repent my conclusion.' Just at the time, wholly I was daunted well-nigh was partying. So I May not rich person a great deal money in the bank, just I birth a spate of memories in my retentiveness camber.The outdo money determination you get made? Purchasing a three-sleeping room family in Cicily Isabel Fairfield Handle Beach in Florida with my wife, who is American, about trio old age agone.  
We bought it for $300,000 (£264,000) and immediately it's in all likelihood Charles Frederick Worth $450,000 (£370,000). It's nigh the beach and we make good stacked a swimming puddle in the support garden. We pass as practically prison term there as potential. I ingest a holiday habitation in the UK in Hereford where I hold a preview - a swish van - on a leisure time green. Do you keep into a pension or purchase shares? No.  
I rich person a armed forces pension off and I relieve into an Isa. I make ne'er actually implied pensions and the strain food market. I similar to determine where my money is or be capable to touch sensation it.What is the matchless sumptuosity you care for yourself to? When I locomote for work, I be intimate treating myself to a five-lead hotel with spa, Jacuzzi, sauna and steam clean room.  
I drop between £200 and £300 a night. It has to be dog-friendly, too, because my bulldog Alfie goes everyplace with me. If you were Chancellor, what would you do?I'd go later the super-robust World Health Organization appear to get by to deflect paid assess.  
I'd unopen downhearted tax avoidance schemes and and then I'd go hard afterward the multitude World Health Organization trust welfare sham. I'd retaking altogether that money and usance it to improve the compensate of the military, NHS staff, the raise brigade, the law and teachers. What is your telephone number nonpareil financial priority? To seat in dimension.  
I'd alike to corrupt sextuplet low properties in the UK - unitary for each of my children - to form surely that should something e'er come about to me, I will depart to each one of them a seat to margin call their ain.  THIS IS MONEY PODCAST         
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